Deer Stalking in Hampshire

Deer stalking is the ultimate of all British field sports, requiring knowledge, stealth, patience, a cool head and a steady hand. Although not every stalk results in a cull it will be an experience not easily forgotten as you put yourself against the most wary of sporting quarry.

Getting into the correct position can take well over an hour, however the excitement of observing these magnificent animals makes the experience even more memorable. This is all part of the challenge that is British Deer Stalking.

The Holywell Estate spreads over 900 acres with a mixture of woodland and open ground providing an excellent environment for the roe deer population. The purpose of deer stalking on the estate is to manage the levels of roe deer promoting their health, well being and quality in the most humane way, which has achieved the high quality of bucks currently present on the estate. The current management plan in place does provide a number of opportunities for accompanied deer stalks with the estate's stalker. Novices are welcome and an estate rifle is available for use along with marksmanship tuition.

Please contact the Estate Office for further details

It is hard to describe what an amazing experience my first ever stalking trip was, and I am pleased that I chose to do it at the Holywell Estate. I have been back since and would highly recommend it to others as it really is a jewel in the beautiful Hampshire countryside. James McGrath